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Moreton Island Storage Facility Update


Well just an update for those who may be reading.

Brisbane City Council has now accepted our revised plans for 6 storage sheds to be based at Bulwer bypass on the bottom end of town.

Council spent over 6 months getting expert opinions on our proposed development before changing their position.

Currently we have a small number of people who are fighting this development and may go to court or may not, it's up to them to decide.

I hope that common sense prevails. Revised plans attached.


Storage Sheds at Moreton Island Bulwer


Currently my wife and I have an appeal going with Brisbane City Council for storage facilities to be built at 10 Banksia St Moreton Island.

To all those that were in favour of our DA proposal I say a big thank you, including our 4 immediate neighbours.

81% of the residents in Bulwer had no objection to the proposal as the development is on the Bulwer bypass well away from the town.

So as they say "it's not over till the fat lady sings".

So watch this space for an update.


Easter Fishing Should Be Good


Well if you are heading to the island for Easter, the fishing should be good.

The whiting are about now and it's taken a long time for them to show up in any numbers.

Water temperature is great still and with the hot days we keep getting it's alway a great way to cool off.

As usual keep in mind that police will be on the island for Easter and school holidays and road rules apply.

Tip 1: Those that need fire wood, why not try the green waste dumps at the townships as your first call as it will be burnt anyway. Saves you bringing your own.

Tip 2: If towing a trailer let your tires down to 15 lb on your 4wd and trailer, won't hurt your tires and less chance of getting bogged.

Have a great Easter.

Don Rankin

Holidays for most of us is not far away


Well this is a first for me at main creek. I caught some blackfish last Saturday and on Sunday as well, so was not a one off.

30 years ago I use to see schools of blackfish travel up and down the main creek on a regular basis, but have not seen any until last weekend.

Hope this is a good sign of there return.

Lots of people catching good size flathead atm, tumble weeds are showing which means flathead season has started, so they say.

Had an incident of driving along the beach and someone had their 4wd parked up above the high water mark and had their fishing line out into the water. Well you know what happen! I cleaned up his fishing line and notice some guy chasing me in my rear vision mirror with a fishing rod dragging along the beach.

Was funny for me, not for him I suppose. Anyway he now know not to do that.